About us

FundmyPhD.com is a Crowdfunding website designed to create a forum where PhD students, potential employers and investors can come together under an umbrella of mutual benefits and interests. The first of its kind anywhere in the world, FundmyPhD.com portal provides a platform where PhD students’ research interests are matched to the right commercial interests.

The website offers companies and employers an incredible pool of academic research proposals which could potentially contribute to the growth of these companies while providing PhD students the much needed financial support to get them through the expense of graduate school. FundmyPhD.com is a benchmark for academics, industries, researchers, investors and PhD students to get together for a common goal.

Research suggests that the most common problem faced by PhD students across the globe is that of funding. Our mission is to give PhD students an incredible platform for raising the necessary funding needed for the smooth completion of their studies. At the same time, it creates a strong foundation for PhD researchers to successfully launch themselves onto the corporate world.

On our website, PhD students are offered a powerful tool to fund raise through the targeted marketing & advertising of their PhD research projects so they can pitch their ideas to interested companies and sponsors. Family, friends, investors and other industrial and academic stakeholders are also able to support PhD campaigns by donating to the PhD students campaign posted on the website. We invite prospective and current PhD students and companies to capitalise on this niche innovation.

Good Luck & Best Wishes,

FundMyPhD.com Team