How it works

FundmyPhD.Com – A Powerful tool for PhD students and Industrial stakeholders


Our mission is to give PhD students an incredible platform for raising the necessary funds needed for the smooth completion of their studies by giving them a platform to showcase their doctoral projects to commercial stakeholders, academia & interested individuals looking to support meaningful research. offers PhD students the possibility to match their research topics to the right commercial interests for funding, we try to find a win-win solution for all  involved.

Our hopes are that the web portal acts as a gateway for PhD students to gain access to the right companies in order to conduct their field work and research.

The web portal has a huge potential to raise funding for PhD students as well as for Universities to advertise their funded doctoral programmes and it is the world’s first Crowdfunding website designed specifically for PhD students. For more information see our FAQ’s

How it works

Doctoral Students post their PhD Project Campaign on to showcase their research.
They share their PhD project via their Campaign page to raise funding and spread awareness about their research.
Once a project campaign reaches it goal, Funders are rewarded with insight behind the research or other tangible perks set by the campaign creator and students are hopefully successfully funded in order to ease their financial pressures.

Support a PhD Student will act as a database of PhD projects from different fields of research. has  huge potential to raise funding for PhD students and is also a medium for industrial stakeholders to reach out to top level researchers, as well as for Universities to advertise their funded PhD programmes.

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