Invite friends


How can my friends & social media help me?


Social media and Crowdfunding go hand in hand. If you’ve come across a campaign that’s getting a lot of buzz and backers, odds are the campaign creator has cracked the code to spreading the word via social media.


Sending Email Blasts

Use your LinkedIn connections and export their email addresses from the system to send out an email blast.

Create A Central Hub

Create a Facebook fan page specifically for your campaign where people can see what was happening. A central location is always easier to manage since not everyone is guaranteed to see your tweets or Facebook status updates.

Give Your Funders & Community The Tools They Need To Help You

Invite you’re my most social media active friends and followers to help you out. If you are running a 30 -60 day campaign chose to send out a mass emails encouraging everyone to get involved in any way they can by sharing the information about the campaign. Write sample emails, tweets and posts that each person could use during the campaign.

Show Your Gratitude

Post a “thank you” to all new Funders. Friend them on Facebook and then tag them in the post. Be authentic and show gratitude, as people generally respond very well to appreciation.

Keep It Visual

Research suggests that visual media is the key to Crowdfunding success. Where ever possible we encourage you to update your social media posts with a video or photo to keep interest high.


How do I begin to use social media to support my PhD Campaign?


Connections usually starts with your friends and family, people you work with or have worked with, your mentors, supporters and people who you know & care about what you’re doing. Ideally, you should be targeting other people outside your community that might have an interest in your research or your studies. Eventually, you may attract backing from the industry that has an interest in trying to solve a business problem relevant to your thesis.


‘Updates’ refer to what is essentially each project’s blog. PhD Campaign creators can use updates to keep Funders and their community informed on the development of their project or research.


Some PhD Campaign creators may post every day, others may do it rarely, but it’s the best way to keep Funders informed of a project’s progress. We encourage you to include media in your updates – you can use video or slides to update on your progress


Feel free to use the social media links below to build your community who will help spreed to word & support your campaign