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Goal: £3,000.00

 After several decades of failling carbon trading system it is urgent more than ever to think the global warming fight in terms of climate justice and just transition. This research, based on…

A model of destination mana...

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Goal: £50,000.00

OBJECTIVES Objectives  The general objective of this research is to study the evolution of the Destination Management Organisations in times of changes in the market, in technology and in legislation. …

Simulation and Life CycleAs...

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Goal: £0.00

Carbon capture technology is poised to play a key role in future strategies to combat climate change. This research project will aim to evaluate the environmental impacts of a simulated…

Fuzzy Front End of Innovation

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Goal: £40,000.00

My research is focused on the current issues surrounding the creation of new knowledge and innovation within virtual communities of practice and has identified the transfer of tacit knowledge to…

Engineering of Complex Defe...

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Goal: £30,000.00

Modern Defence systems need to be able to be integrated [in a “plug and play” manner] into hybrid system of systems to address short term national and international demands and on completion…

Using glacier models to rec...

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Goal: £30,000.00

Instrumental  weather  data  in New  Zealand  extend  back  to  about  1860 AD,  leaving  great uncertainties  about longer ­term  natural  climate  variability. Glaciers exhibit  one  of  the  clearest  and  most direct  responses  to  climate  change  and  past glacier …


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