Capabilities-Driven Innovation Management (C-DIM)

A Business & Finance, Engineering project

 The Capabilities-Driven Innovation Management (C-DIM) framework was developed to accomplish the following:

• Guide corporations out of the \\”Inventor\\’s Trap\\”​ to deliver strategically well defined innovative ideas which customers and consumers will value in such a way that the company will gain brand recognition in the market and at the same time generate corporate growth and wealth for their employees (and shareholders).
• Assist developing nations can create technology innovation clusters and ecosystems to generate national GDP and wealth for their citizens.
• Develop innovation strategies (portfolios / roadmaps) from  (competitive / market / intellectual property / technology) intelligence which is built on (big data) informatics.
• Develop valuation model to predict corporate growth success based on the corporate innovation capabilities competency.


Academic Institution: TBD: Still need to find a suitable promoter and university.
Course: PhD Program, 2016-2018
Nationality: United States
User Profile:Louis

What is your motivation for doing a PhD?

To be an expert in my field to help companies with growth by delivering something of value to others.

Why did you choose your research topic/title

Have a passion to see great products being delilver to the market by great companies..

Your achievments

• Presented my first paper \\”Capabilities-Driven Innovation Management – Crossing the Innovator\\’s Chasm\\” completely on my own as a single author at the IAMOT 2015 conference. • Research Assistant for Dr. Roy J. Britten at Caltech, published \\”Transposable element insertions have strongly affected human evolution\\” in PNAS (2010). • Completed Technology Management and Marketing certificate program at Caltech (2009). • Established and managed technical operations for $1+million IT research lab at SIEMENS. • Established bioinformatics genome research lab spanning 4 locations at Caltech. • Implemented business process automation and optimization solutions with IBM Global Consulting. • M.Ing. (Engineering Management) Cum Laude (1994).

What difference will this research make in your life and the lives of others?

As I worked for the top most innovative global corporations (IBM, Siemens, Microsoft) and a top academic institution (Caltech), I never realized that it was actually very unique how good my employers were at sustainable growth and innovation, as it was just a part of the culture and business as usual. From current data it is clear that the corporate survival rate is very small (McKinsey Quarterly, Oct 2015) and very few corporations are innovative enough to ensure sustainable growth. Therefore, the phenomenon I started to research almost 4 years ago is: \\”What makes it possible for the top innovative corporations to sustain growth to ensure acceptable Total Shareholder Return (TSR) rates\\”. Developing a new academic theory was the strategy (or methodology) to answer the above mentioned question, therefore the Capabilities-Driven Innovation Management (C-DIM) framework was created to identify and categorize all possibilities. More information on the original research that lead to the development of the C-DIM framework can be found at the IAMOT 2015 conference publications web page.

Capabilities-Driven Innovation Management (C-DIM)

A Business & Finance, Engineering project

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Capabilities-Driven Innovation Management (C-DIM)

A Business & Finance, Engineering project

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